Aces on Playing Cards as a Design Motif

There's no great mystery as to why the ace design is such a popular motif; it is, after all, the ace, the highest card in the deck, the card that trumps all.  World War I produced ace fighter pilots like Eddie Rickenbacker and Baron von Richthofen, and the word is still used sometimes to denote exceptional proficiency.  Below, we take a look at two of the more intriguing uses of the ace design:


A brushed metal card holder with an ace of spades design - according to the manufacturer, "A high-end, professional grade card guard that will increase the durability and longevity of your playing cards-- all the while looking as sleek as can be. IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out of your back pocket. They ooze professionalism . . . "

And who can argue against anything that oozes professionalism? 


What to wear to your next card party?  How about an ace of diamonds costume?  Yes, you read right and, as you can see, there's a picture to prove it.  While we're fairly sure this lovely lady would look attractive in anything, the costume certainly would get her noticed at any party we're likely to attend. 


There's more of course - an ace of hearts wall clock (sadly unavailable as of this writing), aces wild plush playing cards (said to be a "closeout item" - are we to believe they weren't big sellers?), an ace of spades costume (same model, different card), and an ace and joker set of two framed prints for the low, low price of $285.....

And, of course, there's the seemingly sensible (unless you don't smoke) Zippo Ace of Spades cigarette lighter....

Happy card-playing, Ace!







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