Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set



You don't have to wait until October 31 to jump into the festive, spooky world of Halloween. You can experience it all year round with Kipling West's Halloween Tarot! The 78-card Halloween Tarot deck offers both the fun and the mystery of the holiday--monsters and other creepy creatures, eager trick-or-treaters, and the ubiquitous black cat. The Minor Arcana suits are Pumpkins (Pentacles), Bats (Swords), Ghosts (Cups), and Imps (Wands).

Karin Lee's entertaining guide to the Halloween Tarot delves into the history, symbols, and traditions of All Hallow's Eve--from the story of the jack-o'-lantern to the origins of trick-or-treating to finding your true love's name in apple peelings. So grab your Halloween Tarot deck and a pillowcase to hold all the treats you'll find along the way as you explore Halloween!

Book Description
Black cats, ghosts, and jack o'lanterns offer enchantment and light-hearted perspectives in this lively tarot deck and book set. Book contains 148 pages, illustrated.








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