Pokeno is a game played with special cards, called Pokeno Game Boards, and chips, called Pokeno Chips.  The manufacturer says "Pokeno offers the thrill of Poker and the suspense of Keno," and that's pretty much true.  It's a very fun game for a group of players, and I've heard (no names here) of people substituting pennies, and sometimes larger coins than that, for the chips. 



Pokeno can be purchased online through Amazon - just click on the highlighted text on the box to the left.  You'll notice that this says "Jumbo Pokeno."  All this means is that the playing cards pictured on the Game Boards have jumbo indices.  The cards themselves are standard, about the size of a sheet of typing paper.  There was once some sort of Pokeno for seniors with larger game boards - sorry to say, I don't believe it's still in existence.  So, if you want regular old Pokeno, made by the folks who make Bicycle playing cards, in the red box, click on the box on the left. 

This set comes with 12 game boards, and 200 Pokeno chips.  I don't believe you can buy extra chips separately any more.  Anyway, this set will accommodate up to 12 players, and playing Pokeno with 11 other players can be a lot of fun.


But what if you have more than 12 players?  There's no sense in buying 2 Jumbo Pokeno's, because the cards are the same in all boxes.  What you need is 1 regular Pokeno set and one set of Pokeno Too.  Pokeno Too comes in a blue box, and it has 12 different game boards and 200 chips.  With one set of regular Pokeno and one set of Pokeno Too combined, you can have up to 24 players.  I don't know any way of accommodating more than 24 players.

There - that's everything I know about the game Pokeno.  Hope it's helped, and hope you have fun with the game!





2006 D J McAdam.  Used by permission of the author. 







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